Professional simulation systems ensure the success of Training

Our simulation systems are made individually and according to our customers’ specifications. The range of products reaches from the start of computer based training, over more complicated Part Task Trainer to complex full Mission Simulator. Each version can be offered in different extension levels. For example, a generic simulator is consisting of a high-performance workstation with specific training software to practice procedures and processes. On the contrary, a simulation system with replica elements goes one step further and has, e.g. a realistic looking control system, similar to the original input devices, like a steering wheel or a joy stick. The supreme discipline is a system with original hardware like operational ground based control station, a manual control element or a complete vehicle in a dome project.



FMS – UAV Full Mission Simulator

Sensor and Pilot Operation Training is as incremental as the operation itself, since the operator needs to provide highly accurate and detailed ISR information to the commander. Our UAV training devices are based on a state of the art 3D synthetic environment which provides highly accurate content information for training purposes.

Based on our SolusAir® Framework we can provide mission-specific simulation of different sensor and UAV platforms, interaction with participating crew members, or ground operators as well as crew coordination training. Sensor simulation for e.g. electro optic / infrared (EO/IR) cameras, high-definition (HD) cameras, laser scanner, and air monitoring sensors can be implemented based on customer’s specification.”

CBT – Computer Based Training

Computer Based Training Solutions should be integral part of initial flight training and operations training of flight & cabin crews, as well as maintenance personnel. Depending on customer demand, the training will give the student‘s self-learning abilities in the fields of:

  • 3D walkaround for familiarization with the Aircraft
  • Type specific pilot training (e.g. Avionics / Flight parameters / General System knowledge)

Type specific maintenance training (e.g. Electrical Systems / Hydraulic Systems / Airframe and Engine systems

PTT – Part Task Trainer

Our PTT are designed in order to serve as a realistic simulation of a particular task of an aircraft or a maintenance system (e.g. the avionic system) with the focus on ground crew training.

They consist essentially of two fundamental components, an Instructor Operating Station (IOS) and a simulation module.

To replicate all the important controls of the requested system (e.g. Overhead & Center-Console, Instrument Panel and Circuit-Breaker Panel) we are offering the following design possibilites:

  • Entering and controlling by touch sensitive control and service elements (touch)
  • Replica of the original systems
  • Hybrid approaches

Our PTT is offering herewith a cost effective training mode and a scalable solution according to the requirement of the customer for using two different

different training modes:

  • instructor guided training
  • selflearning mode

Thus you and your students are obtaining access for a large scale of training methods without the need for a full mission simulator.


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