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Tailor-made scenarios, terrain databases & 3D models for an optimal training.

Simulation based training and exercise are well established as a vital part of task force education and training. 3D virtual simulation, such as VBS3 (Virtual Battlespace 3), simulate on the level of the individual soldier or vehicle.

To ensure training success, the optimization of the simulation system towards the training target is key.

VBS provides the generic back-bone of the simulation, but needs to be optimized to meet the individual training requirements.

To find the best setup and solution for customer training requirements, some key elements must be provided such as 3D terrain databases, 3D models including vehicles and infrastructure to name a few.

Continuous training and education of operators and instructors is also required to ensure training efficiency and effectiveness.



  • complex scenarios
  • adaptable to different conditions at anytime
  • dynamic content
  • geo-typical and geo-specific landscapes
  • optimized HD geometry
  • integration into different engines

3D Models

3D Models for every Need.

eurosimtec is capable of generating high-end 3D models and objects due to long experience and expertise.

This allows eurosimtec to provide exact and optimized HD-geometry, high-end textures for buildings and vehicles as well as complex object animations.

eurosimtec also provides IR images and footprints of all required vehicles and objects in addition to the optical footprint. All material effects as well as glance, shadows and different textures are available.

All objects can be animated to show complex 3D and moving parts for example to train technicians or weapon operators of complex systems and objects.”



  • Engine Integration
  • HD Geometry
  • Complex Animation



// eurosimtec - KMW Dingo 1 for VBS2 - Services - 3DModeling
// eurosimtec - SPz Puma for VBS2 - Services - 3DModeling
// eurosimtec - Eurofighter EF2000 for VBS2 - Services - 3DModeling
// eurosimtec - KMW Fennek for VBS2 - A - Services - 3DModeling
// eurosimtec - KMW Fennek Tropentarn for VBS2 - Services - 3DModeling
// eurosimtec - Mercedes Benz Wolf Tropentarn for VBS2 - Services - 3DModeling
// eurosimtec - Mercedes Benz - Wolf for VBS2 - B - Services - 3DModeling

Scenario / Mission Preparation

To ensure an efficient and effective use of 3D virtual simulation like VBS3, eurosimtec helps customers to generate the needed 3D terrain databases of the operational environment, from training ranges, geo-typical landscape to real mission environments.

The size of the mission or operational area is actually no limiting factor for the 3D terrain database to be used in the 3D virtual simulation. Enriched with exact and complex 3D models and objects the effectiveness of VBS3 simulation environments can be significantly improved if based on specific customer requirements.

eurosimtec is supporting military and civilian customers to achieve optimal training results by using 3D virtual simulation systems like VBS3 Also mission preparation will be easier and more effective. Mission ready!


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