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    Vobis was developed by eurosimtec based upon the synthetic environment and the high-quality graphics of VBS.

    It is an easytouse tool that can be employed to plan or reconstruct full deterministic operations or incidents on the battlefield directly in 3D.

Your Benefit.

Military Forensic and Reachback Capabilities

Vobis can be used to create arbitrary complex and fully deterministic scenarios. Vobis builds directly upon VBS and supports the usage of any VBS object. Furthermore it allows the adjustment of weather settings and the scenario time to adjust the environment according to the desired appearance.

Vehicles and entities can be added to the scenario by dragging and dropping the entry from the object library. Adjustments on the position and orientation can also be performed via drag & drop-operations or by using intuitive rotation- and translation handles.

Keyframe Technology

The representation of the whole scenario is built upon the keyframing technology. Thus, the position and orientation of each objects needs only to be  defined at some points in time. Between these keyframes, the position and orientation of the objects are smoothly transformed into movements. Keyframes can be created, adjusted or deleted at any time of the editing process. This supports a very fast and light-weight process to create scenarios by iteratively adjusting and refining objects in space and time.

The whole set of objects and keyframes are shown on a timeline. All keyframe attributes can be expanded hierarchically to allow the user to adjust the appearance to the desired level of detail. To support the user in creating and illustrating the scenario, Vobis offers tools, to measure distances and to draw lines and polygons.

During scenario creation as well as during analysis, the user can playback the scenario in different modes of speed and can instantly jump to any point in time. Furthermore, with Vobis you are able to create and name any number of different camera views. Besides switching between these virtual cameras, Vobis supports up to five picture-in-picture views that allow the observation of the scenario from different perspectives in parallel. Each view can be attached to any object, for example to analyse the scenario from the perspective of a specific entity. Finally, it is possible to define arbitrary camera paths over time using the build-in keyframe approach.

Your Achievement.

Vobis has been developed for the German armed forces with the primary purpose to reconstruct and analyze battlefi eld and operational incidents. It has been successfully used to reconstruct complex events such as ambushes with a high number of insurgents and the reconstruction of the cinematic of vehicles with multiple rollovers caused by IED explosions.

Apart from that, Vobis is introduced into the Bundeswehr as a toolkit for planning, illustrating and reconstructing operations in applications such as mission planning and rehearsal as well as for education and training. As a novel product of eurosimtec, Vobis will be continuously improved to meet the requirements of the various fields of applications.


Simulation Backbone

Virtual Battlespace (VBS) is a desktop-based simulation system that is used to educate and train individuals and groups. Operations are performed in real-time and the outcome of the mission depends on the action of both the human participants and the computer generated forces. Accordingly, VBS can not be used to create a mission following an exactly predefined sequence or illustrating a reconstructed incident.

Vobis Tool

Vobis was developed by eurosimtec based upon the synthetic environment and the high-quality graphics of VBS. It is an easytouse tool that can be employed to plan or reconstruct full deterministic operations or incidents on the battlefield directly in 3D.

Vobis allows to create even complex scenarios in a short period of time. Entities and events only need to be specifi ed at some points in time and all attributes such as the movement of entities are smoothly interpolated between these key points.

Based on an intuitive WYSIWYG user interface, entities can be easily placed and manipulated in the synthetic environment. In combination with the flexibility to jump forth and back in time and the capability to observe the scenario from arbitrary perspectives, Vobis is the key tool to create, visualize and analyze scenarios with a specific sequence of events.

Your Advantage.

Vobis is providing you the first military forensic analysis and evaluation tool based on the VBS simulation system.

A scenario created with Vobis can be used to analyze and evaluate battlefield events and incidents.

The Vobis tool helps to enhance Operations Research and analysis capabilities to learn from battlefield or operational incidents.


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