• // VB-Edit. Realtime Scenery Editor.

    VB-Edit is a rapid 3D scenery and object editing tool you can use with VBS2.

    Generate and place 3D objects such as buildings, trees, fences, walls at a fraction of the usual time and costs required to generate 3D databases.

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During Mission.

With increasing importance of modeling and simulation, and a constantly growing usage of simulation systems, the demand for related digital terrain databases is even growing faster. Additionally, these databases must become available signifi cantly faster than in the past, ideally maintainable by daily updates.

The requirements for such terrain databases typically depend on the application: for basic training a generic database or a database of a home live-training range may be sufficient, for complex mission training or a mission rehearsal phase a highly detailed geo-typical database with geo-specific insets will be required.

Having relevant, up-to-date terrain databases available will allow to gain the following benefits

  • optimized use of training sites and firing ranges due to simulated excercises
  • preparation for geographical and cultural environments
  • planning and operation of mobile infrastructure like field camps, supply sites etc.
  • planning and analysis of routes, optimization of logistical processes

Modify and update your digital terrain databases to reflect aspects and events like:

  • damages due to combat
  • movement of military units
  • moving or repositioning of infrastructures, firing positions, HQs etc
  • environmental changes due to natural desasters, changes of building structure, road conditions etc.

The more accurate and up-to-date the terrain data bases are, the better the mission preparation will be. To keep up with the ever changing demands of a highly versatile operational reality you require a tool just as adaptable but still being quick and easy to use.

Your Benefit.

VB-Edit is a full ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) editing system for the fast creation and optimization of complex and most-realistic VBS2 mission environments.

VB-Edit enables you to populate and update your VBS2 terrain database with a variety of 3D-Objects, roads, environmental effects and even terrain adjustments.

VB-Edit is closely linked into VBS2 and allows using the internal simulation functions and parameters of VBS2 additionally to the ones VB-Edit provides. Therefore you benefi t from a permanent verification of your ‘in-progress’ database, and insure that the result will fit your specific needs. All this saves your time, and avoids usual rendering and exporting efforts.

VB-Edit supports all VBS2 internal controls and allows you to modify environmental conditions like weather, day time and many other conditions.

Your Advantage.

VB-Edit and it’s unique concept and layout provides you the following advantages:

  • fast and intuitive creation of complex, realistic and specific VBS2 mission environments
  • Visibility analysis, line-of-sight analysis, usage of free maneuverable cameras with views from any vehicle and entity
  • test of road conditions by using simulated vehicles or weapon systems
  • analysis of weapon effectiveness

Potential problems can be identifi ed and eliminated early in the preperation of a simulation and not in a live exercise

The whole object library of VBS2 is available when using VB-Edit, this includes custom made or specifi cally designed objects and vehicles.

All objects maintain their original capability and behavior. A tree still remains an obstacle for a car, though this is not true for a tank. A tank is still not capable of crossing a forest, although he can overcome individual trees.

VB-Edit is a tool box that allows fast and flexible change of 3D terrain without any specific knowledge of programming required.

Your Achievement.

VB-Edit provides a significant number of tools for optimized, flexible and fast positioning of objects within a 3D terrain for VBS2 based simulation systems. The functionality allows fast placing along path or filling complete areas with objects like vegetation or buildings.

VB-Edit is designed to minimize the amount of time and resources necessary to populate a 3D environment. The results speak for themselves.


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