• // UAS-TS. Unmanned Aircraft System

    Modern UAV systems are becoming exceedingly varied, highly complex and often include sensitive technology.

    With the increasing use of UAVs by personnel from a range of backgrounds and experience, this can put considerable strain on the training of UAV crews.

Your Benefit

The following key features characterize the training simulation UAS-TS:

  • Highly detailed interactive synthetic environment based on VBS2
  • Large scale and high resolution digital terrain databases
  • High quality 3D objects with realistic textures, signatures and complex material effects
  • Simulation models for various unmanned platforms (fixed wing as well as rotary), a library of sensor simulations, support for tactical datalinks and intergration with Command & Control systems
  • 2D/3D representation of realistic and interactive tactical ground scenarios, including aspects of asymetric warfare
  • Individual and crew training capabilities for UAS pilots and sensor operators
  • Networking with other simulations (HLA, DIS) or with Command & Control Systems
  • Interfacing provisions for connecting one or more real UAS ground control stations
  • Real-time 3D-Views with photo-realistic representation of the UAS, it’s environment and all relevant mission aspects
  • Recording capability for audio, video, flight data and mission events
  • Instructor inputs for controlling weather, UAS malfunctions, VBS2 entities and over all scenario execution
  • Support functions for briefi ng and debriefing sessions

Depending on the identified training requirements and operational context, eurosimtec supports the application of UAS-TS into different simulator layouts ranging from a basic Desktop Trainer version to a full mission simulator including the original Ground Control station. A mobile version of UAS-TS is also available.

eurosimtec offers various services that enrich the UAS-TS basic capabilities and allow to tailor the solution to the outmost to a customers need.

Your Achievement.

High quality training and a focused mission preparation is the fundamental and most vital prerequisite for achieving the desired and required ‘Operational Excellence’, which will fi nally lead to mission success.

Your Advantage.

The sophisticated combination of the UAS-TS capability portfolio with the range of pre-defi ned system layouts, accompanied by eurosimtec’s customer-tailored services, will allow deriving powerful, but also cost-effective training solutions that really fi t the purpose and surpass expectations.

UAS today

It’s a fact that is indicated by the high presence in various media, and it also became an element in public political and social debate: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are a vital and highly integrated element of military operations, and regardless if the platform is a small micro-UAS or a large High-Altitude Long Endurance aircraft the manned alternatives quite often are none.

The primary operational focus of UAS is on reconnaissance tasks, making a significant contribution to security and operational tasks. Moreover the focus is now opened towards a more mission-active role. Mission profi les like Close Air Support or Combat Search & Rescue are already performed by tactical UAS platforms with increased fl ight performance, superior sensor capabilities and equipped with a range of smart and precise weapon systems.

The growing acceptance and relevance of UAS lead to their extended contribution to operations characterized by a high degree of complexity, uncertainty and dynamics. And as a consequence of today’s network-centric concept of operation, the operation of UAS must embed itself into such global operations and networks.

A crucial key factor to successful UAS operation is the readiness and preparedness level of all ground personnel, and mainly of the UAS pilot and sensor operators interacting closely with the various planning and commanding staffs. Mission readiness is generated by the means of comprehensive and realistic Mission Training and Mission Rehearsal capabilities allowing the fi nal preparation for the upcoming real mission.


Best Training for best Mission Success is the entitlement and aim that motivated eurosimtec to develop the modular and scalable simulation and training solution UAS-TS.

UAS-TS stands for ‘Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Training Simulation” and provide the capabilities for basic, enhanced and full mission training to all members of the UAV ground control crews. As a training simulator and a training infrastructure, UAS-TS is able to refl ect each and every aspect and challenge of today’s UAS operations.

As such, UAS-TS allows to connect and integrate real UAS ground control stations seamlessly, enabling pilot and sensor operator to fully utilize their own and native equipment and work environment while in training or mission rehearsal.

The UAS-TS training environment can be completed by a powerful suite of instructor support tools, allowing an instructor to plan, brief, control and debrief the complete mission.


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