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    Leading military has been using Laser Duel Simulators for more than 30 years for realistic training situations and tactical education. The basic idea is: a realistic shooting range, exact hit detection and detailed evaluation.



The SIMGUN Body Central Unit is the communication center of the complete System. It is in permanent wireless communication with the Head Unit and up to three Laser Units. The Body Central Unit has an optimal fit and is adjustable in size. The strong cordura at the outside and the comfortable Net-Mesh on the inside is the optimal choice. It is easy to adjust to your tactical vest or belt. One big benefit is the lightweight Body-Central-Unit for perfect wearing comfort.



The SIMGUN Head Unit is in permanent wireless connection to the Body Central Unit. It is very light and comfortable to wear. It fits on caps, hats and can also be used as a headband. For Helmets, SIMGUN offers a longer version of the Head Unit. The SIMGUN Head Unit detects headshots on an angle of 360 degree. It immediately shows a hit so you can see where you hit your victim (bodyshot or headshot). Optionally, you can order the SIMGUN CAP with velcro tapes for a perfect fit of the Head Unit.



The SIMGUN Laser Unit distinguishes itself to the rest of the market. It is based on real infrared Laser technology and has an accuracy which can’t be found in other products. An implemented microphone detects the “bang“ from your gun and triggers the Laser. To make it absolutely independent from all other influences and also for sniper rifles you have the choice to install an extension cable and fix the microphone at your rifle muzzle. The SIMGUN Laser Unit is also in permanent radio connection to the Body Central Unit. With the integrated mounting mechanism, you are able to adjust to every scope, red dot or iron sight. Our new “dry fire“ mode is easy to use and saves money.



The SIMGUN Tactical Vest has specifically been designed for the SIMGUN Body Central Unit. A sewn snap button connector makes it easy to attach the SIMGUN Body Central Unit to the SIMGUN Tactical Vest. The SIMGUN Tactical Vest is adjustable in size and is available in black, olive green and coyote.



The SIMGUN Blocking Unit is for battery operated guns only (AEG). After a Competitor gets shot, the Blocking Unit deactivates the power supply from his AEG. It also deactivates the AEG when the virtual magazine (adjustable on Laser-Unit) runs empty. Then you have to „change the magazine“. Install our Blocking Unit inside your AEG and it will be once again more realistic, with magazine change and pulling the charging handle to reload the gun and the laser.



The base station receives all events (hits, kills, etc.), which are obtained during a training scenario with the DS100 LDC system. This data is displayed on the corresponding computer software and generates a ranked list of various statistics. Further settings can be made via the base station - this expands the possibilities for a variety of scenarios. The base station is connected to the computer via USB and establishes a radio communication between the computer and the individual competitor. Due to the high performance antennas in the DS100 LDC system and at the base station, a radio range is possible with a clear view of up to 10 km. (Only compatible w HEAD-UNIT ith DS100 LDC Version.)



The SIMGUN DS100 LDC System brings together all the benefits from the SIMGUN DS100, with a complete long range Event evaluation via radio transmission. All Events during a scenario are collected and transmitted to the Base Station. There you can analyse your training stats and see who is the best of the best.



  •  Full control of participants

  •  All events are displayed and stored

  •  Complete scenario evaluation on a PC

  •  Radio link with a clear view up to 10 km

  •  Complete Training Management

  •  Free points awarded for all events

  •  Friendly-Fire evaluation with team training

Welcome to SIMGUN


Leading military has been using Laser Duel Simulators for more than 30 years for realistic training situations and tactical education. The basic idea is: a realistic shooting range, exact hit detection and detailed evaluation.

Simgun is the first company worldwide, who supplies the private market with high quality technology. Our products can be used for tactical training for professionals, for police forces who would like to train critical situations, private security companies as well as body guards.

Without the required realism every tactical training is worth half as much. When no consequences follow incorrect behaviour the training’s success falls by the wayside. With our DS100 system this kind of realism can be created. There are no unrealistic hit assumptions anymore. With Simgun every shot is counted and also reaches its target. Furthermore offender and victim receive a signal of the hit. Therefore no weakness remains undetected and efficiency as well as professionalism can be enhanced to a maximum. 

Your Advantages.


•  360 degree hitfield

•  wireless connection to Body Central Unit

•  extremely lightweight 200g

•  high quality Cordura®

•  net mesh

•  size adjestable

•  designed for comfort

•  works with two standard AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries



•  360 degree hitfield

•  hit display by light/sound/vibration

•  adjustable body armor

•  supports up to three laser units

•  high quality Cordura®

•  net mesh

•  ergonomically designed for perfect fit

•  size adjustable

•  works with three standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries



•  laser range of over 1000 m

•  laser class 1

•  adjustable virtual magazine size and firepower

•  fits on any standard rail mount

•  alternative “dry fire” mode

•  wireless connection to Body Central Unit

•  one 18650 Akku - stand by up to 10 days


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