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    C³I-TS is an extension for VBS2 to simulate higher-echelon units and command structures.

    The system allows the easy definition of scenarios with any number of command structures up to and including battation level.

During Mission.

Simulation based training and exercises are well established as a vital part of military education and training. Virtual 3D simulations, such as VBS2 (Virtual Battlespace 2), simulate the operation on the level of the individual soldier or vehicle.

These generic virtual simulation systems require a signifi cant amount of personnel to operate the simulation for training or exercise. This is specifi cally true when several levels of hierarchies train. Also the operation of opponent forces, other parties or vehicles require personnel and computer equipment.

C³I-TS makes the operation of elements in VBS 2 signifi cantly easier and allows for an intuitive handling of aggregated units and vehicles of higher echelons in the virtual battlefield.

Additionally it is useful and increasing the training effect if elements of constructive simulation and 2D view of the battlefi eld will be combined with the 3D field view, combined with the capability of graphical orders.

The capability to simulate communication of AI (artifi cial intelligence) can improve de-briefi ng and operating of the simulation to create the most realistic scenario of the battlefield.

Your Benefit.

C3I-TS is the ‚Tool of Choice‘ to optimize Instructors workfl ow and results during the preparation, operation and debriefing of a VBS2 based training session.

Set up and development of scenarios and the operation of simulated training and exercises should not tie up more than necessary resources or personnel. The easy and intuitively use and fast and fl exible creation of scenarios is key to minimize these efforts.

Graphical orders, directly included in the simulation environment, show the order of battle as well as it allows to operate the AI units signifi cantly faster and more convenient.

These capabilities will increase also the effectiveness of the management and operation of the instructors and exercise commanders.

The AI is now capable of being manoeuvred with less personnel and computer equipment and higher quality.

The capability of simulating the communication of the AI will create the optimal realistic situation on the battlefield including fog-of-war situations.

Your Advantage.

The following key features characterize C³I-TS:

  • Aggregation of units to higher echelons to better manage and operate VBS2 exercise
  • Higher echelon unit operation capability
  • Graphical planning and order-of-battle capability
  • Optimized use and operation of AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Combination of constructive simulation elements and high end 3D virtual simulation
  • Intelligent automation to support planning and preparation of simulation scenarios
  • User friendly and modular designed system
  • Intuitive and easy use of the system
  • Several camera perspectives for optimized simulation management and de-briefing
  • Flawless change from 2D to 3D view
  • Communication capability of AI

Your Achievement.

C³I-TS ensures the effective and efficient use of available resources and personnel to plan, design, manage and operate your VBS2 simulation system. This optimizes the time and budget required and increases the training success by using a VBS2 simulation system.

The optimized simulation tool and the significant increase of training success will ensure the by in of trainees and instructors.

With C³I-TS your preparation of firing exercises, training camp visits and other training efforts will be optimized. Also mission preparation will be easier and more effective.


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