VBS3 License Handover

Handover of VBS3 as well as additional simulation products to SuTBw

On January 29th. Bohemia Interactive Simulations and eurosimtec GmbH officially handed over VBS3 licenses according to the signed contract. In addition to VBS3, several simulation products were additionally handed over to BAAINBw, project simulation and test environment of the Bundeswehr (SuTBw) in Euskirchen.

Press release Behördenspiegel - VBS3 Lizenz Übergabe

VBS Bundeswehr Lizenz

Bundeswehr Signs Agreement to Significantly Expand Use of Virtual Battlespace 3.

Orlando, Florida - On behalf of the German Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr has significantly increased its investment in Virtual Battlespace 3 licenses as part of an agreement with Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) and eurosimtec, the companies announced today.

eurosimtec is proud to be the leading cooperational partner for Bundeswehr in case of service and support.

Download the full press release here

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Realtime Scenery Editor

VB-Edit is a full ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) editing system for the fast creation and optimization of complex and most-realistic VBS2 mission environments.

VB-Edit enables you to populate and update your VBS2 terrain database with a variety of 3D-Objects, roads, environmental effects and even terrain adjustments.

Service & Support

eurosimtec provides various services concerning topics like 3D Content Generation as well as Development.

We help you to get the most out of your simulation systems.

Welcome to eurosimtec

simulate. train. succeed.

eurosimtec provides simulation systems, software products as well as services and training solutions.

Our 3D virtual simulation systems and products ensure best training motivation and optimize training success.

We help preparing soldiers for the moment that matters most: the mission.
Their success is our aim.

Simulate. Train. Succeed.


Solutions for Unmanned Systems

Solus – Solutions for Unmanned Systems – is a new product family designed and developed by eurosimtec. Solus provides a range of applications that support the most relevant aspects of unmanned systems operations. These applications satisfy key requirements like mission planning, ground control station, sensor data analysis and training.

As such, Solus addresses the needs of unmanned systems manufacturers, operators and pilots sensor operators.

Visualization of Battlefield Incidents

Vobis was developed by eurosimtec based upon the synthetic VBS environment and the high-quality graphics of VBS. It is an easytouse tool that can be employed to plan or reconstruct full deterministic operations or incidents on the battlefield directly in 3D.

Vobis has been developed for the German armed forces with the primary purpose to reconstruct and analyze battlefield and operational incidents. It has been successfully used to reconstruct complex events such as ambushes with a high number of insurgents and the reconstruction of the cinematic of vehicles with multiple rollovers caused by IED explosions.


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